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  6. Kids love to imitate their parents, so there are many lessons to be taught here. Food Face Plate. Food Face Plate may look familiar to you. On the screws Description for a well-executed shot. In the good 'ol days, when woods were made of wood, club makers fitted a piece of plastic insert into the club face as a safeguard against premature wear. These inserts were fastened to the club with screws. When a golf would hit a good shot, he would say, "I hit it on the screws.

    Pin high Whenever the ball lies at the same elevation as the hole. Pin-seeker A shot that heads right for the flagstick from the moment it leaves the clubface. Pitch and putt A derisive term given to golf courses that are short and easily conquered, so named because just a pitch and a putt will get you into the hole. Play 'em down To play the ball as it lies.

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    Golfing in the Heart of Darkness

    The only way to fly. Ready golf In ready golf each player may "fire when ready," a procedure instituted to speed up play. Reload To hit an errant tee shot and tee up a second ball. A term also used each time the beer cart apporaches, as in "Let's reload.

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    Robbed Golfers love to complain about being robbed, usually when a putt doesn't break when it should have, or when a putt traveling at Mach 2 doesn't fall into the hall as it should have, or when a tee shot forty yards off line winds up six inches out of bounds. If you want to be cool on the golf course, don't whine about being robbed every time something doesn't go your way.

    Rope hook Term for a low, hard hook that will run great distances after hitting the ground. Very bad. Run Whenever the ball is moving along the ground, it is said to be running. Run like a sailor's dick Most often used by players who topped their tee shots and are desperately hoping for it to pass the ladies tees. This is not advised if there is a woman in your foursome. If this is the case, try "Run like a three year old's nose. Shank A shank is a severe miss hit in which the golf ball is struck by the hosel of the club.

    On a shank, a player has managed to strike the ball with a part of the club other than the clubface. A shanked shot will scoot a short distance, often out to the right, or might be severely sliced or hook.

    Don't mess with old men and their Golf

    Someone who shanks a lot might be said to "have the shanks" or to be "shanking it. Short grass Where you are when you hit the fairway with your drive.

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    Short stick The putter, so named because it's the shortest club in the bag. You can make up for a lot of bad work with other sticks if you can handle the short stick. Snowman Term use to describe a score of "8" on a single hole. Tester A putt that's long enough so that it's not a gimme but short enough so that a decent player should hole it, so called because it tests a golfer's skill.