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In business settings, studies have shown that energetic extroverts and people who seem highly conscientious are more likely to be chosen as leaders. But other research suggests these traits are less likely to determine whether a leader is effective. In fact, some qualities interviewers prize less, such as agreeableness, may be better indicators for success.

Did they sit up straight? Were they polite to the receptionists? These snap judgments can be useful in thousands of situations, from dating to playing poker to reducing violent crime. Personality tests are also subject to distortion. The No. This may be the most useless tactic of all.

Any applicant with half a brain has already embellished their stories and rehearsed them in the mirror. Besides, do you really want to hire an army of managers who excel at telling you exactly what you want to hear? In my view, the first step toward fixing the application process is to stop accepting applications and start requiring written nominations. This would narrow the field a bit and help employers make smarter decisions about who to consider.

If the company liked what it saw, it would invite the nominee to the office. And that conversation would begin with a formal offer.

A jury system would take some getting used to. This method would tamp down all forms of bias. Write to Sam Walker at sam. All Rights Reserved. Wall Street Journal research analysts rank industries and companies for diversity and inclusion—and find a link to performance. Well before the glass ceiling, women run into obstacles to advancement.

Evening the odds early in their careers would have a huge impact. Or even its policies. Dow Jones, a News Corp company. News Corp is a network of leading companies in the worlds of diversified media, news, education, and information services. Dow Jones. News Corp.


By Sam Walker Sam Walker. Only a fool would buy a car sight unseen. Without having viewed the object in question, as in He bought the horse sight unseen. This seeming oxymoron-how can a sight , which means something seen, be not seen?

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Without seeing the object in question: bought the horse sight unseen. Without previous examination; taken on faith. This term, which implies accepting something without verification, dates from the late nineteenth century.

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References in periodicals archive? It became abruptly clear to me that the author and photographer Ms Slessor and Mr Hurstey must have recently been hired by you or your subordinates sight unseen , and for this reason will be forgiven for their sophomoric critique, save for the astute opening paragraph. While scientists continue to debate whether a Europan ocean contains life, most have accepted the presence of the ocean, sight unseen.

New measurements of the moon's magnetic field, taken by Galileo, add to the indirect evidence. Life on Europa: A possible energy source.

Says Tomasello, "The big issue in consumer relations for e-commerce sites is that many consumers don't want to use a credit card because of fear of security or because they don't trust merchandise sight unseen from an Internet source. Using Internet Bill-Mes. The trouble started when the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights protested the film, sight unseen.

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The League, , strong and headed by wrniam Donohue, previously boycotted the Miramax release Priest, which depicted a gay priest. Religious Right Dogs Dogma. The Mail on Sunday issued a statement saying it had been in a bidding war " sight unseen " to serialise Hewitt's autobiography.

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Cad Hewitt sues for his pounds ,